5 Expert Tips to Improve Bone Health

This is current saying that health is wealth, and if you have a healthy and fit body, then age will be just a number for you. Bones are the support system of our body and to have a healthy body, you need to have stronger bones as well so that you can enjoy your life in much happier and enhanced way. Also the healthy and strong bones reduce the chances of fractures and other bone related illness up to a certain extent. Prevention is always better than care, rather than visiting the doctors frequently for the treatment of your weak bones, it better to adapt to some ways that can boost your bone health.

5 Expert tips to improve bone health:

Maintain a Proper Weight

Increasing obesity can be a cause of many health-related problems and when you gain extra weight, it puts additional pressure on the bones and joints especially the weight-bearing joints such as hips and knees. Obesity can result in severe hip problem and in extreme cases can bow down the legs as well; so to have a healthy bone structure for your entire life, it is important to stay healthy and fit so that our bones are not over pressured due to excessive weight gain. Also according to many studies, it is found that overweight along with underweight as well can be reason for the poor bone health, and in the mid-50s people lose weight which also lead to poor bone health.

Get daily intake of calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium help in building stronger bones while vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium. The lack of Calcium and Vitamin can result in broken bones especially among the kids who require enough Vitamin D to have a healthy and fit body. Vitamin D and minerals play a significant role in in building stronger and healthy bones and support muscle strength. And if you take enough Vitamin D you can surely have lesser chances of breaking bones at the reclining ages of life. Food items such as fish, orange juices, soy milk, different cereals, egg yolks, among other are rich in Calcium and Vitamin D and should be included in the daily meal plan.

Be safe while playing sports game

Indulging in sports activity is important for a healthy and fit body, but before starting with any sports activity, it is important to wear the safety gears that protect your shins, knees and elbows from unnecessary stress on the joints. Also the sports gear acts as a protective layer that can prevent the bones from all kind of injuries while performing passionately on the ground. So rather just walking that improves heart health, also do some strengthening activities such as tennis, dancing, jumping rope, hiking, etc that can boost muscle and bone health.

Quit Smoking

Multiple studies have revealed that smoking can stop the body from absorbing calcium thus decreasing the overall bone mass. If you are active smoker, it’s the time to say good bye to your smoking habits to have healthy bones. Smoking can increase the rate of bone loss especially in the adolescents who inhale Nicotine and toxins present in the cigarette affecting their health along with increasing the risk of fractures as well. So it’s better to be late than never to quit smoking to lead a happy and healthy life.

Consumes less amount of caffeine

Similar to the smoking, excessive intake of Caffeine can result in poor health bone. According to many studies, it is found that people who drink more than two cups of coffee each day have weaken bones as compared to the ones who don’t take much calcium as well. If you can’t say No to coffee, just make sure that you are not compromising on the daily intake of calcium or vitamins that is a prerequisite to have healthy bones.

You can get all kind of health care products and services at 1mg that can let you enjoy your life in a more empowered way; avail 1mg offers to get all kind of medicines and health care products at the most reduced prices.Bones are the crucial part of the body and play significant role in protecting organs and allowing us to have a proper body structure. Hence it is very important to adapt to these simple habits along with some guidance from the experts can surely boost your health bone significantly.

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