7 Health Benefits You Can Gain With Stretching

It is very important that we stretch if we want to be more flexible, expand our range of motion and keep injuries at bay. Needless to say, we must incorporate stretching into our daily workout routine and also make it a part of our everyday life as it is essential for good health and improved body functions.

Stretching soothes our muscles and facilitates increased blood flow and other nutrients to various muscles in our body.

To help you understand just how important stretching is, we have listed 7 health benefits that you can derive from it. Read along to know what these are.

Gives you a positive perspective

When you are stressed, your muscles tend to contract and this puts you on edge while making you feel uneasy. The buildup of this tension can negatively affect your mental and physical health.

Stretching has stress-busting abilities that will relax your mind and body. When you stretch right after you wake up, it kick-starts your system and prepares you for the day ahead. Stretching helps loosen wound up muscles which not only relaxes you but also makes your blood flow better.

When you stretch, your system releases endorphins which helps to put you at ease and makes you feel euphoric. So when you stretch right before you go to bed, a sound and comfortable sleep is practically guaranteed.

Gives you good posture

When you make stretching a part of your routine, you will notice that your posture corrects itself by elongating various muscles of your body. When you stretch the muscles of your lower back, shoulders and chest, it will help you keep your spine in perfect alignment and enhance your overall posture by keeping all sorts of pains and aches at a distance. When you are free from such pains, you will be less inclined to slouch or hunch over.

Facilitates flexibility

Perhaps the most obvious and assured benefit of stretching is that it greatly improves flexibility of your body not to mention it also makes the range of your motion better. When you have an efficient flexibility training program in place, it will make your physical performance better and will also help decrease your chances of getting injured. When you have an improved range of motion, your body will consume less energy to perform the same movements.

Moreover, you will have more flexibility in your joints which will make it less likely for you to sustain injuries when working out or when performing routine tasks.

Improve stamina

When you stretch regularly, your muscles and tendons will loosen up and relieve you from any muscle fatigue. The more you exercise, the more energy you will burn and at the end of it, you will be exhausted. When you stretch, you can postpone the fatigue from setting in early on as it ensures that there’s adequate flow of oxygen in your bloodstream which greatly adds to your endurance levels.

Lessen the risk of injury

As mentioned earlier, stretching promotes a greater supply of nutrients to various muscles which play a huge role in reducing overall soreness in your body. When your muscles are well stretched they can also contribute in a speedy recovery from joint and muscle injury.

Enhance energy levels

At times, you might have trouble trying to stay awake and you have a long day to go. It will do you good to get out of your seat and perform a few good stretches to give yourself an instant boost of energy and making your body and mind more alert and aware. Our muscles contract when we are tired and that adds to our sense of lethargy which is why it’s good to get up and stretch it all out.

Keeps your cholesterol levels in check

When you stretch regularly and team that with healthy eating habits, it will help you to lose weight and keep your cholesterol levels in check. Good stretching sessions can also help keep arteries from hardening and in some cases even reverse the whole process. This will help keep heart diseases at bay and keep you healthy for a long time. The key is to continue stretching on a regular basis.

You can either start stretching at home or seek assistance from personal trainers in Moorgate to have a more professional and guided session.

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