Dandruff is a very common condition among the people for many years. It can be found in males and females as well as juveniles. It takes place in body of men more rather than of women because of some properties related to their hormones. It is not a pleasant thing to have it and can be shameful at times as it is accompanied by itching which is considered appropriate in front of anyone. Various researches have shown that dandruff can cause many hair related issues in a serious manner.The ailments related to dandruff can be prevented to some extent by anti-dandruff shampoo and ketomac is best one of them. Ketomac dandruff shampoo price is not that much and can be convenient for anyone who uses it on regular basis.

  • Thought it is not directly linked to hair fall, but due to constant itching because of dandruff, it can lead to hair fall conditions.
  • The growth of hair can be damaged by dandruff completely. The affected scalp suffers a lot by damage of protein and cuticle and hair are unable to grow in a healthy manner.
  • Most of the individuals get irritation in scalp because of which they do itching and scratching in head that can damage hair even more by causing split ends and breakage very easily.
  • It can also take place in skin and can afterwards lead to dead skin cells that become dry skin flakes and are detached from skin by itself because of itching. It is more likely to happen to those who have dry skin throughout the year.
  • Dandruff can also lead to some serious problems like Parkinson’s disease and other diseases which can harshly affect the nervous system of a person. At the end, the individual have to face serious problems like HIV or a weak immune system.
  • Many individuals have to face acne problems because of dandruff that is present in their skin tissues. It occurs because the dry flakes clog the pores of skin which leads to breakout at the end.
  • The condition can also be found in new born babies and is generally known as cradle cap. The scalp turn greasy, yellow and with scaly patches. It can also increase by spreading itself all over the body which leads to various infections, itching, scaling, cracking of skin and even bleeding.
  • Many of the times dandruff turns into serious situations if not treated properly by time. It can lead to various medical conditions that cause swelling, tenderness and even redness by infections.
  • Dandruff increases its effects during winter and usually occurs in the body of people who have a sensitive response towards yeast. This can occur because of the ultra violet rays from the sun.

Many people have myths that dandruff is difficult to treat but choosing the right path can surely help. There are various shampoos in market but price of ketomac shampoo varies as it is much more minimal in terms of price and huge in terms of its services to its users. This product can really help you in getting rid of those bad flakes in your scalp and in making your hair hygiene better.

Say yes to healthy hair now onward. Happy hair styling!

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