All You Need to Know about Legionella and Cooling Towers

Certain industries have cooling towers in their plants. And they contain water. When bacteria such as legionella begin to breed and grow in them, the water in such towers become infected and begins to cause a disease called legionnaires, especially when it comes in contact with people. This is a dangerous scenario because legionnaire is a serious disease. It produces pneumonia-like symptoms and can also cause death. This disease gets spread when cooling tower legionella enters human systems in the form of aerosols. Within a few days of their entry in the body of a human being, they begin to show symptoms. Lungs get infected, and the victim suffers a lot. In order to make sure your cooling tower water remains legionella free, you must go for cooling tower chemical treatment. So, what is it basically?

–    Actually, cooling tower chemical treatment is a process in which the water present in a cooling tower is treated with chemicals to kill legionella and check its further breeding and growth. Different chemicals can be used for this purpose, and they are easily available for purchase. In case, you don’t know the amount in which these chemicals must be used for killing cooling tower legionella, you can go for professional help. There is no dearth of companies dealing with legionella management. All you need is to look for one and get your work done by them.

Now, let’s look at some of the most prominent factors that lead to this bacterium’s growth in plant water.

–    The first and most important reason is temperature. The bacteria love to grow in warm water. And that is why you should always keep the temperature of your plant water above or under the range ideal for the growth of this bacterium.

–    Another important reason that causes an unabated growth of these bacteria is stagnation. When the water in a particular system is not changed for a long time, or it doesn’t get the necessary flow, it becomes a breeding ground for this bacterium. And that is why the water in your plant’s towers should be changed every now and then. Even when it is not changed, it should provide with the required flow. Don’t let this deadly bacterium grow in your plant’s facilities. It will harm your employees, and your business will go haywire.

–    Biofilm is another reason why such growth is possible.

Remember, this is a serious concern, and any laxity you show in this regard could land you in trouble. And why just cooling towers, this bacterium might also be present in water features like fountains, hot water tubs and big plumbing systems. So, whether you are a business or a homeowner, you are at risk. Hence, taking preventive and remedial measures is extremely important. Thankfully, this problem is manageable. And with cooling tower chemical treatment, things become easier. Although there are other ways to address this problem, there is nothing like a chemical treatment. According to many experts, this is the most effective way to bid adieu to this nasty microbe.

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