Ayurvedic badamroghan oil for stress and to relieve tension headache

Owing to life style changes and spending large quantum of time in work, people are prone to getting tension headaches and other physical ailments. Having a relaxing head massage in the evenings with an eminent herbal oil can help relive the headache and stress. Badhamrogan helps to relieve tension headache by enhancing the brain cells. Apart from relieving stress, it also helps in relieving constipation by easing out bowel movements. The ayurvedic proprietary oil is made from 100% pure almond oil extracted from pure almonds. The oil also works as a skin lightening agent and moisturizer.

Badam Roghan oil:

The Badam roghan almond oil is extracted from original badam nuts and nourished almonds. The oil helps in strengthening the mind and the nervous system. The oil helps in fortifying every single cell of the brain and energizes it from within. It is best to use the oil for head massage and it can also be consumed with milk.

Massaging the oil on the scalp helps in relieving tiredness and headache and it also improves the intellectual power of people and removes mental stress. It is immensely beneficial to enhance the memory power of a child and is the purest form of almond oil. It has been in existence in Ayurveda for thousands of years as a supplement for the brain and the nervous system. The Almond oil provides essential minerals and vitamins to the brain cells and helps in improving brain activity.

The oil helps in relieving mental stress, strengthens the nerves and boots the brain power enhancing memory and concentration. The oil is beneficial for everyone especially children and older adults who suffer memory related illnesses such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The oil is also good for the heart and strengthens the immune system by supplying anti-oxidants to the body.

Indications of using the oil:

The number one indication of using the ayurvedic badamroghan oil is tension headache for both men and women. Lack of sleep, excess stress and anxiety are some of the possible reasons for headache and this oil helps to cure all the difficult symptoms of stress.  A good massage with the oil helps in treating the dull head ache and scalp tenderness associated with stress. It also eliminates sensitivity to noise and light that is common during headache and stress.

It can be indicated for constipation problems as well which can later lead to hemorrhoids and other elimination problems. Ayurvedic Badam roghan oil for stress is beneficial to relieve constipation as well.

Directions for Use:

The oil is best taken at night by mixing 5-10 ml of the oil in 250 ml of milk. The other option is to apply the oil externally on the head and have a good scalp massage. It is also good to instill two to three drops of the oil in the nose and the ears.


Natural ingredients have a holistic effect on the body and address, not just the symptoms but treat the body as a whole. It is highly effective in treating headache secondary to stress and takes several weeks for long lasting benefits.

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