Best Safety Glasses You Can Buy in 2020

Wearing safety glasses is one of the smartest decisions you can make when working, playing sports or otherwise performing a potentially hazardous activity. After all, you only have one set of eyes. If dust, vapors or flying objects could harm them, it is a good idea to have standard or prescription safety glasses.

Safety Gear Pro has a broad selection of frames and lenses available. Although this means that you can be confident you will find the right pair of safety glasses, it can also make starting your search challenging. The following five pairs are all great choices to help you begin your shopping process.

1) WileyXAirrage

These safety glasses feature a wraparound design that is perfect for sports use. They can be fitted with tinted and polarized or clear lenses. Whether you want to hit the sand dunes in a buggy, take a turn on the links or go shooting, these glasses will work perfectly for you.

They have a removable face seal and a leash cord for optimal comfort and security. The lenses are ANSI-rated and approved by OSHA. Safety Gear Pro has several color options for you to choose from.

2) Titmus SW06E

These classic safety glasses are some of our most popular options. They have a timeless design that is perfect for work or your DIY project. They are made by Honeywell’s UVEX brand, one of the most respected names in safety glasses. These glasses feature replaceable nose pads for extra comfort. The side shields offer extra protection from dust and debris.

The SW06E are available as prescription safety glasses and can have various lens treatments such as anti-glare. You can even opt for progressive or multifocal lenses if you want to.

3) OnGuard 225S

These OnGuard safety glasses are another pair that should be at the top of your list. They are ANSI-rated and OSHA-approved. Like the Titmus glasses, they have a classic style that is perfect for the workplace. They also are available with high-visibility orange or yellow accents. For extra safety, the glasses are non-conductive.

If comfort is a priority for you, this is a great pair of glasses. They have replaceable nose bridges and dust dams. Additionally, the temples are easily adjustable. Overall, the construction is perfect for long-term usage.

4) Bolle Baxter Safety Glasses

This pair of safety glasses can be worn either as glasses or goggles (a specialty of Bolle). They are an excellent choice for sports but can also be useful in a work setting. The wraparound frames help to keep them firmly in place even during intense movement. Alternatively, the headband can offer almost perfect security. Many people choose the headband for sports such as basketball and tennis.

ANSI has rated these glasses with Z87.1-2010 + D3, D4, D5 U+. This means that they meet the 2010 standard, offer impact protection, UV filtering and good splash, dust and fine dust protection. In other words, you can be confident your eyes will be safe when wearing the Baxter safety glasses.

5) OnGuard 220S

If you like the OnGuard 225S but want something a little smaller and lower profile, consider the 220S. These OnGuard safety glasses feature many of the same advantages are their larger counterparts. However, they do not have adjustable temples. Nonetheless, they offer excellent protection and are available in black, brown, clear, pink, purple and yellow. They are a popular choice for women.

Order Yours Today

Whether you need prescription safety glasses or non-prescription glasses, Safety Gear Pro has the right solutions for your needs. All the above five pairs of glasses offer great protection and comfort. So, just find a pair that you like and place your order today.

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