Explore Some Effective HIV Preventive Steps that You Must Take to Remain Healthy

HIV prevention does not necessarily imply only following some rules. You could prevent HIV by understanding who you actually are, what are your beliefs, and precisely when to act for effectively protecting others and yourself from the infection. HIV prevention involves an informed and holistic approach that helps you in understanding the various aspects and consequences of the infection and effective ways of preventing it. Here are a few HIV preventive tips that should be mandatorily included in your personalized HIV preventive strategy.

Understanding the Difference between Low Risk & High-Risk Activities

There are lots of misconceptions about the reasons and effects of HIV transmission, in your minds. This may lead to overestimating or even underestimating the potential risk associated with HIV infection. Informed prevention could be initiated once you get all your HIV facts right, understand the actual modes of HIV transmission, and identify the specific activities that may put you at a personal risk of getting HIV infection.

Taking PrEP for Reducing HIV Risk

PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is supposed to be a prevention strategy that involves the use of an antiretroviral pill daily that could significantly cut down the risk of HIV. This evidence-based approach seems to be a critical part of an effective HIV prevention strategy and intends to cut down the infection in the specified at-risk populations.

Doing the Relevant Tests & Seeking Diagnosis on Time

Advanced medical testing methods help in the diagnosis of HIV quite early or at the initial stages of the HIV lifecycle so that the disease does not progress very far. You could eliminate a lot of tension and stress related to the infection by using cutting-edge testing and diagnostic tools such as branched DNA Assay that seems to be really reliable and hugely accurate way of quantifying the nucleic acid molecules. The bDNA assays are best for measuring the present nucleic acid molecules simply by augmenting reporter signal rather than replicating the target sequences. This helps easy detection and accurate results. Consider visiting reputable and trustworthy sites like https://www.mybiosource.com/ for highest quality chemical reagents and lab equipment.

Initiate Therapy Timely & Avoid Transmission of the HIV Virus to Others

TasP or the Treatment as Prevention seems to be an effective evidence-based methodology with the use of which the HIV infected patients having an untraceable viral load would be less probable in transmitting the HIV virus to someone else. Studies have further revealed that in the case of an HIV-infected individual on completion of the antiretroviral therapy there is almost 96 percent less likelihood of transmitting the infection to the partner.

Stay Away from Usual Condom Mistakes

You have to be careful with the use of condoms. Condoms seem to be the most effective way of preventing HIV virus transmission short of total abstinence from sex. The actual reason why condoms prove ineffective in some situations is definitely not because of any fault with the condom but because of inconsistent and incorrect use of the condoms. You must practice safe sex each time and every time by using condom religiously.

Drug Users Must Abstain from Using Same Needles

HIV cases are more frequent and very high among IDUs or the injecting drug users. Statistics reveal that around 20% to 40% of the HIV patients have got the infection because of the use of shared needles. Avail NEPs or the needle exchange programs sponsored by the government in the U.S.A. for addressing this issue more effectively.


You must act promptly if you think you have been exposed to the virus via unprotected sex or some other high-risk actions. You simply should not delay. Get yourself checked or treated without losing precious time!

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