Health in Old Age: Tips for Healthy Aging and Reaching 100 Years with Health

By 2050, the population of elderly is likely to reach to 2.03 billion. In line with studies by elderly care research companies specialized in caring the elderly around the world. From this the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, lists a few tips and suggestions to reach 100 years with essential health and care that increase the long life of the elderly.

Do you know that story that all we consume reflects directly on our body? Well, that is true. And since it is not much late to make changes in life, how about starting to make changes now?

The primary step to take is in relation to routine exams. Many fail to perform them annually. However, a few tests should be marked all over the life of men and women such as blood glucose, blood count, triglyceride, urine and cholesterol test, as they identify if all body parts is in order with your body.

The healthy aging recipe

Certainly, the healthy aging recipe is affected by the options adapted over last years. Therefore, the sooner better habits are adopted, the better the opportunities of reaching healthy maturity. Check out five factors to aging well:

Practice physical activities: It’s not just silhouette benefits that exercise brings. In line with the World Health Organization, activities help prevent diseases of the elderly such as abnormal loss of bones, heart problem, and because of the rising levels of serotonin, a mood-enhancing substance, help prevent depression.

Exercise your brain: Everybody knows that regular reading contributes relaxation and helps stimulate thinking, but in addition to these advantages, reading helps keep brain always active, avoiding memory loss. Video games or brain games also improve memory.

Get a good sleep: Sleeping poorly everyday can age the brain because it accelerates the speed of cognitive loss and affects ability of thinking. In actual fact, lack of sleep can also disrupt concentration in daily tasks and disrupt the right performance of metabolism.

Increase water intake: A key part of nutrient in the body, and it plays key roles in our body. It transports nutrients to cells, regulates body temperature, acts on physiological procedures of digestion etc.

Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol: Ethyl alcohol lowers the level of vitamin A, aggravating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Cigarettes reduce blood flow, affecting the oxygenation of skin tissues.

Take regular day trips: Stay outdoors for at least 15 minutes daily. Vitamin D, coming from the sun, helps calcium fixation, improves mood.

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