How To Manage Your Biology

It matters the most that we pay full attention to our entire body system and not just its outer appearance. When we buy a machine- a phone, tablet or pc- we enquire fully about its make, model, machine and technology because we want to be sure that the mechanism of the product should be in the best state. When the technology or the software starts expiring, we upgrade its operating system so that it comes in tune with the modern times.

Similarly, our body’s mechanism should also be considered and upgraded to bring it to the best possible condition as per its age. We need to keep our body in healthy condition through protein and nutrient rich diet, balancing workouts and good lifestyle habits. You can manage your biology by applying the principles of functional medicine to day to day life. Let us introduce you to a few ways to upgrade your biology and bring healthy changes in your life:

  1. Watch what you eat:

Heard and overheard this phrase a number of times, right? People consider food as a means of recreation. We relate our food not with the amount of nutrients but its taste satisfying levels. We go out so often these days that outside food have become a routine of many people. In reality, our food should be considered much more than eating delicacy. It defines our body’s whole mechanism. Therefore, we need to be really serious about what we are eating. Mind valley academy’s Dr. Mark Hyman suggests that the food should be considered as medicine.

  1. Manage your biology by denying food addiction:

Many people believe that when we include healthy food in our daily diet, we will attain the kind of biological health that we aim to get! However, we need to understand that along with adding healthy food to our diet, we need to e       liminate the unhealthy food as well.

Dr. Mark Hyman considers it as the “food addiction”. He related food addiction to cocaine and heroine addiction for it is worse than them. The processed sugar which is a part of every diet and has become such a common routine for youngsters is as unhealthy as any other bad element in our diet. Such kind of food habits are so addictive that we are not able to come out of them easily. He also mentions about good fat which is being avoided in the name of “fat” itself. Our body requires a healthy balance of all types of food. Therefore, we need to be consciously aware of the fact that we should discard the unhealthy food from our diet and include only healthy eating options as part of our daily routine.

  1. Eat from your kitchen:

You can manage your biology by eating something really healthy which can be attained from your kitchen. While it is not possible for us to grow everything in our farms and dwell on the supplies, we must try to find out the organic fruits, vegetables and cereals from the market. Then it is better to cook everything in your kitchen instead of going out and to eat homemade healthy food only.

Our body is our temple. Healthy thoughts emerge from healthy body only. Therefore, pay attention to your body and try to manage your biology in the best manner.

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