Interesting Facts about a Stem Cell Research

The notion that would have stuck most of you is that stem cell treatment cost in India ranks to be among the lowest in the world. But before we go ahead one need to understand what are the advantages that one associates with stem cell research in the first place.

There is low rate of reject with adult stem cells

From each patient the adult stem cells that are taken could be used to formulate therapies. Then you could go on to transfer it to various types of therapies. As the needs are based at an individual level you could come across lower rates of rejection. This is the same case with umbilical blood cells as then also the rejection rate happens to be on the lower side.

With the help of this research you are in a position to understand on how human body works

With the help of stem cell research you find yourself in a position on how the human body works. If you have a hands on exposure on how this process pans out you can easily understand on how a disease or an illness develops. Even if you are not able to develop therapy of stem cell from this research the chances of new experiments is possible. This would act as a cure in repairing the damaged cells. It does go on to increase your life span, reduce the cost of treatments and you are in a position to combat diseases.

Having come to the advantages of this process you need to understand the drawbacks of this procedure at the same time.

This process still happens to be an unknown commodity as of now

All the treatments that are obtained from stem cell therapy are considered to be an experimental stage as of now. The chances of this treatment working with the current research mechanism are always there. At the same time the chances are that nothing could happen as well. As per current estimates HSCtx works out to be the most popular. There are close to 50,000 transplants undertaken till now and the success ratio stands to be around 90 %.

The process of stem cell research does prove to be a costly one.

As per the estimates in the US the cost of a single stem cell transplant stands to be around $ 10,000. Some of the clinics have found out a way to increase the cost by as high as 20 %. When you go outside the cost of treatment does go on to shoot considerably higher as well. On the other hand the cost in terms of harvesting the stem cell can go as high as $2000. The services being experimental in most states do not fall under the scope of insurance coverage. So when it is not covered by insurance the cost of treatment does go on to shoot at a considerable level. It would also mean that the government facilities would not be accessible as well.

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