Keep your Hair Healthy and Dandruff Free

These days’ people do suffer a lot from hair and scalp issues. High rate of pollution and unhealthy lifestyle can be a major reason behind this. Another prominent problem is the dandruff problem.

This mainly happens due to the presence of a fungus called Malaysia which lives on the dead skin cells of the scalp. This can happen if the scalp is either too dry or too oily. Now when one talks about what causes oily greasy hair the first thing that one needs to know is that the main cause behind this is an unclear scalp. if one does not keep a tidy scalp they often faces serious hair and scalp issues and dandruff is definitely one of them.

So, one needs to keep their scalp and hair clean at a regular interval. If one goes out on an everyday basis then they need to shampoo their hair at least thrice a week. If one does not need to go out on a regular basis then they can wash their hair twice a week. But one has to remember, after washing the hair and shampooing one needs to rinse the hair well so that no residue of shampoos are left in the hair strands. It can make the scalp dirty and the hair follicles weak.

In order to remove dandruffs from the scalp one can take help of a strong anti dandruff shampoo. If not, they can take help of some home remedies which are able to eradicate this flake issues.

  • If one suffers from excessive dry scalp they can heat 2 table spoons of coconut oil and massage well on their scalp. If possible one can add a tea spoon of fresh lemon juice in the oil and mix it well before applying it on the scalp. Keep it for at least an hour and then wash it away with a mild shampoo. Doing it twice a week can bring positive results.
  • One can mix tea tree oil with regular shampoos to eradicate dandruff problems. Tea tree oil also has a lot of anti fungal and anti microbial properties which help to fight back the fungus that can cause dandruff. One needs to mix 5 percent of tea tree oil in a regular shampoo bottle and use it thrice a week to get good results.
  • In order to get shiny hair and to remove dandruff, one can take a cup of plain yogurt and mix a tea spoon of lemon juice into it. Then apply it on both the hair and scalp. Wrap the hair with a towel or with a shower cap and keep it for an hour. Then wash it well with a mild shampoo. Do not forget to apply conditioner after that.

Ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo is always available in any drug store over the counter. One can mix that in a regular shampoo and use it thrice a week or as prescribed by the doctor. This will give positive results within a few weeks if followed properly.

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