Laser Scar Removal vs. Other Scar Removal Methods

Having visible scars on your skin can affect your self-esteem. Whether it’s a scar from a burn, an injury, surgery, or any other trauma, it’s likely you’ll want to take steps to reduce its visibility. Small scars can be concealed with makeup, but what about large scars that can’t be hidden?

It can be hard to completely heal a scar, but reducing its appearance gets easier as technology improves. One new technology is laser scar removal that makes use of beams of light to treat scars on the body and reduce their appearance. You don’t need to be hospitalized to get laser treatment, as it’s a simple procedure.

If you’re looking to have laser scar removal in Melbourne performed, make sure you find out if it’s right for you first. Some people have skin that reacts negatively to laser treatment. If you have active acne or soreness on your skin, it’s recommended that you get these conditions treated first.

Laser treatment penetrates the damaged skin region to stimulate the growth of new skin cells. It removes older skin cells on the scar so they fall off like dead skin. The skin on the scar rejuvenates and eventually fades. Doctors who carry out laser scar removal in Melbourne will choose the right laser procedure for you. The procedures can differ depending on the intensity of the scar, your skin type, and the possible reaction to wavelengths and light. Available options for laser scar removal include:

Ablative Procedure

This procedure involves the removal of the outer layer of the skin/scar. Damaged cells are removed to enhance the development of new skin cells.  Carbon dioxide laser is the most common laser used for deep scars, while erbium laser is commonly used for surface scars.

Fractionated Laser Procedure

Fractionated laser resurfacing focuses on the removal of dark pigmented cells. It stimulates normal skin collagen production for skin cell replenishment. It involves penetrating the deeper skin layers to remove scars at their roots.

Non-Ablative Fractional Laser

Collagen production in your scarred area is stimulated through penetration of infrared heat lasers to the inner skin layers. This is an outpatient procedure that only causes a mild skin reaction. Mild skin scars can be greatly improved through this procedure.

What You Should Know Before Laser Scar Removal

If you visit a doctor for laser scar removal in Melbourne, ensure they evaluate you thoroughly. The best scar solution treatment for your skin should be well explained to you. Possible side effects are something you should also be aware about before the procedure. Side effects may include skin discomfort like itching, minor bleeding from the scar, and swelling around the treated area.

Other Scar Removal Methods

Other scar removal methods include:

Skin Needling

Allows for treatment of scars by creating rejuvenating micro channels in the skin to enhance collagen production and help reduce the appearance of scarring.


A combination of mechanical skin exfoliation and a pressure vacuum that helps to improve new small scars. It also helps to even out skin tone.

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