Psychological Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Today erectile dysfunction is one of the common issues being faced by man

Today erectile dysfunction is one of the common issues being faced by man. The cause of this particular ailment can be anything from a hectic work schedule to unhealthy of the lifestyle. Many men who suffer from this start to believe that either they had this difficulty forever or a pill might not fix up their problem. Although the psychological effects of ED are more complicated than the medical issues and one should know that resolving out the issues may not to be as simple as it seems to be. The ED medications have actually been designed as the side step for treating the physiological effects but it won’t be helping you out with the anxiety, stress or low level of self-esteem. The best remedy for the psychological issues is to determine its root cause and erode it.

Few of the psychological effects of impotence

Although erectile dysfunction triggers varied types of discomforts in the life of a person who is suffering from it but few of the psychological effects of impotence are listed below:

Depression and anxiety

The depression and anxiety is common among men who are suffering from this sexual disorder. There is a type of psychological illness which is being associated with a certain degree of stigma and also a reluctance to accept it as well. Depression not only affects the manner in which a man feels but also the way he things about others. The men with ED suffer from the depression and anxiety at certain levels and any degree of depression is required to be treated before carrying out the treatment of the condition of sexual impotence. Without proper treatment, the symptoms of depression may last for an indefinite period of time. The most appropriate course of treatment assists most of the men to feel much better and cope up with depression and anxiety.

Low Self-esteem

Many of the men associate the erections with their own identities. The erection is being tied up to the masculinity and also the feeling of self-worth as well. So when this sexual disorder takes place the men may lose confidence in themselves and also their self ability to please the partner. In research, 478 men suffering from ED was asked to complete a SEARS (Self Esteem and relationship) questionnaire before starting out their ED treatment and three months after the treatment, it has been found that their SEARS score increased to almost 30 points during the time of the study.

Performance anxiety

Whatever is the cause of erectile dysfunction both the men and his partner quite often experiences a range of the highly intense feelings as well as emotions. Even the feeling of sexual insecurity may arise which reinforces the performance anxiety which a man starts experiencing and causes a sense of hopelessness and negative feelings. In order to overcome such feelings, a couple is required to acknowledge the issue and talk openly and honestly with each other.

Relationship problems

Erectile Dysfunction is not only troubling for man but can be equally disturbing for his partner too. It undermines the relationship. Erectile dysfunction may manifest issues in a relationship. It causes tension, frustration, and anger between the partners due to the lack of intimacy and proper communication. In a series of group studies conducted by Pfizer it has been found couples when encountered the problem of ED either they acknowledged that they had this issue or denied it. While it might be intuitive but research has shown that there are certain differences in the manner how women acknowledged and denied this sexual malfunctioning.

Sexual dysfunction fear

The first time a person experiences ED, he may become worried that he will never be able to regain the normal of the sexual functioning. It may result in fear or low self-esteem in the man. Such feelings will also affect the ability of a man to achieve or maintain a persistent erection during the next sexual encounter. This cycle would continue unless and until the person sees the specialist. Once the right course of treatment plan has been determined and administered, the fear for the sexual dysfunction would subside.

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