The Different Types of Osteoarthritis Surgeries in India

Osteoarthritis would be referred to as a painful disease of the joints. This does cause the feet, hands or for the matter ankles or the legs to be swollen. It does arise when the soft tissue that undermines the bones tends to wear away. When you remove the joint it does go on to rub against each other. It has been observed that it does arise to be a condition with the older age group, but it also occurs due to constant wear and tear as well.  The chances of you have it is the entire more if you are suffering from obesity or there is a history of this disorder in the family as well. If you have a previous joint injury as well it goes on to increase.

The moment you are suffering from this disorder the doctor will ask you make numerous lifestyle changes. This would be in the form of physical therapy, natural remedies in the form of medicines. But all of them do not yield the desired results then you have no other option apart from resorting the use of surgery.

Though the osteoarthritis treatment cost in India is on the lesser side and you have access to some of the best pair of hands in the business. But a general level the surgery cost in combination with the type of surgery would be dependent on the injury you are experiencing in the first place. Each of the surgery does have its own share of pros along with cons.


Here the surgeon goes on to insert a pencil sized tube within the joint. There is a fibre attached video which would help to figure out what is happening inside. Through the medium of a few incisions the doctors are in a position to smooth out some of the rough points.

At the same time it does arise to be a quick surgery and you will observe that the time taken is comparatively less when you compare it to the other type of surgeries. In the midst of all this surgery does go on to have limited uses as well. The procedure that is put to use works well when it is the case for specific type of surgeries only.

Total joint replacement

Here the surgeon will go on to take over the damaged parts of the bones and then go on to replace it with an artificial one with metal or plastic parts. With the surgery it does go on to improve the quality of life and at the same time the pain reduces as well. at the same time these artificial joints will fade away with the passage of time and you would need a new one every 20 years.


Here the surgeon goes on to cut the joint that is damaged. It then acts as wedge that goes on to realign your left arm and considerable pressure is removed at the same time. At the same time it does appear to be a difficult surgery.

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