Top Home Remedies For Sneezing

Sneezing is the natural mechanism of the body. It could be signs or symptoms related to some diseases. Sneezing last for a long time which can damage the body. Home remedies for sneezing can be useful and easy to do.

Although sneezing is a natural if sneezing for a long time and high frequency, it can make the body tired. Usually, sneezing does not become harmful to your health, but without treatment, the time of sneezing may be increased and can cause infection, inflammation. Thus, we will introduce for you some home remedies for sneezing in this article.

The weather changes are the most common cause sneezing. Moreover, allergic to something are the possible causes. When you have sneezing, runny nose or coughing and even fever are the prevalent symptoms of sneezing. If sneezing last for a long time, You could have a headache and tired. Discomfort feeling can appear and make your nose painful. They lead to appetite loss and activities limited.

Most people have sneezing, they have tended to find a medication to remove sneezing immediately. But they do not know that some drug can be harmful to your health, especially antibiotics. We are sure, home remedies for sneezing good for your health because it has a natural ingredient without toxic chemicals. Here are some practical home remedies for sneezing that you can do it in by yourself.

1. Salt: It is the most natural ingredient which you can find. It has antibacterial and very useful in rolling sneezing back. Also, it also can reduce pain in the nose or throat which are related to coughing and runny nose. You need to apply some spoons of salt and warm water together. You rinse your mouth with this solution every day.

2. Ginger: It is a beautiful method for sneezing. Ginger have hot and spicy characteristics, and especially Ginger does not only make the body warm, increasing blood circulation in the body and reduce symptoms of sneezing. You should eat ginger two times per day. Chewing and swallowing some small slices of ginger each day. You will see the result.

3. Drink tea with honey and lemon: Drinking tea is a good habit for your health. You add a little honey and lemon to the tea which becomes a perfect method to sneezing treatment. Antibacterial of honey combined with vitamin C from lemon help you reduce sneezing and another symptom of allergic or flu.

4. Chamomile tea: Chamomile does not make effective in sneezing treatment, it also plays a mild sedative medication role. You can put some dry Chamomile leaves into boiling water in a few minutes. Add some drops of honey in this solution. Let it cool and drink it 2-3 times per day. Drink this solution before you go to sleep is The best time which can help you feel relaxed and sleep well.

5. Garlic: The same as ginger, Garlic has the hot and spicy characteristic. Thus, it can prevent cold and sneeze as well as ginger. You need to prepare some bulb of garlic and make it crushed. Mix it with boiling water in 15 minutes. Drink this mixture every day.

6. Peppermint oil: It is the best way to get out of sneezing. Beside antibacterial participation which has prevented virus growth, peppermint oil also can reduce pain and make the throat cooler. Add some drops of peppermint oil into boiling water and inhale it. You will feel the relaxed immediately.

7. Provide Quercetin for the body: Quercetin is a nutrient natural that prevents symptoms of sneezing. You can eat some fruit such as apple, black tea, red onion, tomatoes and so on.

8. Steam: It is the easiest way to reduce symptoms of sneezing. Prepare a pot of boiling water. You should add some drops of cinnamon oil. Use a big towel to cover the head. Keep the distance between the head and the water about 10 cm. You inhale this solution in 15 minutes. Do this method regularly, and you can see the result.

9. Turmeric: Turmeric is an antioxidant and an effective anti-inflammatory. Turmeric helps reduce symptoms of sneezing. Mix turmeric and honey until you have paste mixture. Drink one teaspoon of this mixture per day.

10. Fruit juice: Sneezing is one of the overwhelming reaction when the immune system exposes the adverse condition of the environment. Maintain drink fruit juice will help you improve your immune system and prevent diseases. Fruit with high vitamin C level is the best choices for you: orange, citrus, grateful, lemon…. They are useful for sneezing because they have the antibacterial ability.

When you start to have symptoms of sneezing, you can apply these home remedies for sneezing. However, if this condition lasts from 7-10 days with fever, rash, chest pain, breathless. It can be a sign of some disease. You need to see the doctor as soon as possible.

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