What Ingredients Are In Eyelid Lifter

In a lot of ways the eyes are much like the rings on a tree. By looking at them you can tell a lot about the owners. Traces of illness, age, and even the over all health of some one can be seen in the eyes. This it what drives so many people into looking for a surgical solution to make their eyes look better. They, both men and women, willing under go the knife despite the fact that it can be painful, expensive and there is no guarantee of the results. All of this is done with the knowledge that it is time-consuming and that a recover period still lies ahead. Of course, best-case scenario and the results will be great and it will look like the clock has been turned back.

There is a boost in esteem and in confidence as well as an over all increase in satisfaction with their looks. Those are great benefits but there is no guarantee that that is what you are going to get. This is making more and more people search out alternative solutions to the ever encroaching hands of time. The safest one out there now is Idol lash and this is why.

Idol lash was based around being both very effective and very safe. It uses hypoallergenic strips and adhesive so mild it is fine with daily use. This is despite the fact that they can be worn for up to 12 hours a day and can even be reused. Even the petroleum gel that is used with it is so mild as to not effect most people with petroleum allergies, however, those that are hyper sensitive to petroleum products need to use caution. If discomfort occurs simple disconcerting use and all should be fine. This care fore safety is a very important factor with the product because it is being used so close to the eyes.

The strips are used by gently lifting up the lid and holding it in place for a more youthful and brighter appearance. Despite the fact the fact that they can hold so long there is no need to worry about getting it just so on the first try as you can see here. You will be able to adjust them to get the perfect look for your eyes despite there shape. It is up to you to decide whether you want to apply makeup before the strips or afterward. Both ways look just fine. Like makeup in general, it is a matter of taste. You might not wear makeup at all. Men don’t and the product looks just as well for them. The only “Don’t do” with the strips is do not sleep with them on.

Each shipment comes with 30 strips so they will last at least 30 days if not much longer depending on how they are used. This helps make them a very affordable alternative to surgery. This means that it is safe, easy to use and very affordable.

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