What to do if you Have A Cracked Molar?

Do you know what cracked molar or cracked tooth is? If no, then you are landed at the perfect place. Here in this post we are going to discuss everything on cracked molar and what to do if you have such issue. Before that its need to understand why cracked tooth happens. So let’s get started with more details.

Cracked tooth normally occurs due to chewing hard foods, grinding teeth also can occur naturally due as your age increases. This is a very common state and it can later cause serious issues like tooth loss.

Cracked molar causes

  • Teeth grinding pressure
  • Chewing hard foods like hard candy, nuts, ice
  • Age factors also matters and mostly it happened after the age of 50
  • Sudden heat chance due to any cause
  • Car accident, fall, mouth blows and other such instances

Symptoms of cracked Molar

Though under given symptoms are not for every cracked tooth but still most of the tooth faces these issues.

  • Feelings sensitivity to sweetness, cold and heat
  • If you are feeling pain during biting or chewing
  • Swelling around the affected tooth

Mostly people don’t face continuous paint when there is a cracked molar. Most of the people feel pain when they eat. During the pain its always need to identify from where the pain is coming so that you can say the dentist about the perfect place of the paint at the time of appointment. If you have cracked molar then don’t use that side tooth for chewing foods. By doing so, the crack may wider and irrigate the soft tissues which are inside your teeth which normally contains blood vessels and nerves.

Minor cracks

Sometimes people only affected by minor crack. In minor crack the enamel of your teeth affected and in such conditions doctors mostly not prefer to provide any treatment. Research says that these minor cracks normally occur with adult teeth. Some experts also say these cracks as craze lines. These cracks can be improved only by polishing your tooth.

How you can take self care of cracked molar?

Though it’s not possible to treat cracked molar at home but yes you can prevent such conditions. Normally strong teeth never crack so it’s always important to maintain oral hygiene. It’s always necessary to brush twice a day and floss regularly. It’s always necessary to consult dentist in every six months for avoid any kind of teeth issues.

You can avoid crack molar by not chewing hard foods. Always use mouth guard during sports and avoid teeth grinding. If you are feeling that you have cracked tooth then you can take anti inflammatory pain killers which will help you to avoid pain and swelling.          

Cracked molar treatment

If you will find minor cracks are growing towards wasting the enamel then you need to go for the treatment. If you are still neglecting then it can cause serious infection or deeper cracks.  A dentist always checks your condition of the tooth and recommends further treatment process. If there is any sign of effect on soft tissue inside the teeth then doctor may recommend root canal. Sometimes dentists also prefer to use filling materials to cover up cracks and in such condition a crown can save your teeth from any kind of further dental issue.

According to experts root canal is always the best treatment for the cracked Molar. Overall the main motive is to remove the cracked molar and it can easily happen via root canal process by removing wasted or damaged tooth from the root.

The chances of teeth removal are next to nothing and the teeth removal cost in India is bare minimum.

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